sábado, 10 de septiembre de 2011

Imagination Parkour

Isma *2011*- ParFlowr "[Parkour & FreeRunning]"

                Hi! My name is Isma, and for me, parkour & Freerunning is a way to feel alive. It amuses me and makes me stay in shape. It makes me feel different from others. It makes me feel better than others, because I can move around and move in a more skillful and free. When we're little, what we like most is getting on the trees, the swings, jump around...We still retain part of the instinct of our ancestors, the primates. And I think we should keep that instinct and lift your ass off the couch!
                  When I move what I like most is to innovate. I try to create new movements, be originalThis may happen to me by a shortage of places to train in my neighborhood ( I live in Pino Montano, Seville (Spain). Having only two walls, the mind must be implemented to make the most of the area. And when I travel to other places, I do exactly the same. It's a way to interact with the environment and know better. If I don't work fully in place, I feel bad and uneasy. It is perhaps for creativity, which I train  is sometimes regardless of the technique. So many times failure, but I get up and try again (always safely). It is a way of have fun, make people laugh and learn more about my body and so my style is consolidating. Because the style comes from fail. If we all did things with the same technique, everybody be equal, everybody be clons, robots. And if you let your body move free, get identity. And so was born the FLOW...!


viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2011

Parkour Friend

Friendship is very important, especially in Parkour. Because when you make a jump complicated, it is easier to do it with a friend. Besides being fun, learn together and give advice to each other. And traveling alone would be really sad and strange.